Email Information

OK. I've had quite a few problems with email recently.  Not with MY email, but with yours!

People, people, people!  Here is a list of things to do BEFORE sending me email:

Some of the worst offenders have been from AOL!  If you are from AOL and haven't heard a reply from me, THIS IS PROBABLY WHY!!!  If this kind of crap keeps happening when I reply to AOL users, then I'll just ban all AOL users.  I don't want to have to do this!

UPDATE: If you send me a message from an AOL account, I WILL ignore it.   I've spent way too much time responding to messages that just bounce back to me.

Another Update:  No, I won't do your school project!  Don't even waste your time in sending me an email asking a stupid question like this:

Hi, my name is XXX and I have a project in math where we have to find some info on a job that deals with math. I picked a pyrotechnician b/c that's what I want to be. Do you think you could send me some things on what pyrotechnicians do and how math is involved? Thanx!