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Anyhow, here are some links to other places that you SHOULD check out.

There is a group of people in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis / St. Paul MN) area that have an organization called the Northern Lighters.  The web page for the Lighters get even more attention than this page.   They have about 15-20 shows a year.  There are some really gifted members here that produce some fantastic shells.  I'm not going to name all of these gifted people, but I do have a couple of pictures from the 20th Anniversary shoot.  Scott Emkovik had some nice ones for the 20th Anniversary.   Rich Spychaj had a nice looking shell, too bad it had some problems getting out of the gun...  Minnesota is kind of messed up when it comes to class C stuff.  You can't get any here.  But if you do need class C stuff, this is the person to talk to, Chuck Gardas of Island Fireworks Co., Inc. 715-792-5513 has a nice selection.  If you call Chuck, let him know you got the phone number from this page.  I shot some video that night with a new camera but had too many problems with it.  The camera was just fine, the problem was me.  I just got the camera and didn't have a chance to read through the manual.  The manual is necessary because the entire camera is in Japanese.  It's a digital camera and I'm going to get a fire-wire card for my computer so that I can download the images straight from the camera to the computer.  Expect to see some video snippets here in the future.

There is a club in Arizona/Nevada/California called the Western Pyrotechnic Association. They have a great show each year in February.  Their home page pretty much tells it all. (With a spelling error or two.)

For those of you that enjoy a twisted view on life, (I really like rule 9. Ten is pretty good too.  OK so is 6.) here are the Rules and Regs of Desert Blast.  (NOTE: Some of the Desert Blast links have been updated and work again!) Twisted probably isn't the right word to use here.  I'll think of a better one later...  (There hasn't been a Desert Blast recently that I know of.  There was some talk that "people are getting too old for this stuff" and decided that 1999 might be the last year.   It was fun while it lasted...)

(These next pictures are large and might take some time to download if you click on them.)

CHUCK.JPG (10519 bytes) ChuckCloseup.JPG (7346 bytes) ChuckFull.JPG (8358 bytes) Two.JPG (17003 bytes)
Here is a picture of a friend of mine, the "Chucker" with a roll of firecrackers.  (Notice the lit stogie, very handy for lighting things...) Here's Chuck holding a nice large Italian style shell. Here's a full length one of Chuck holding the same shell. Here are two shells on the ground.  Notice the Italian news paper around the shells.

More Photos Here.

Here's an add that I saved from a few years ago.  It's a Verbatim Tape add.  Macs Fireworks.JPG (12439 bytes)

I found a Java Applet that does a fairly decent job of displaying fireworks on your screen.  (Turn on your speakers to hear the shells break.)   There are some problems with it in that the bursts are noticeably square, not round.  You also just see the shell breaks and the shells expand, you don't see the launch.  I'm trying to dig up the source code and make the "necessary" changes...

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